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Yapstone Tech Meetup Draws Crowd to Hear How One of Fintech's Major Players is Expanding Into Ireland

Posted 2/25/2019

DUBLIN—Our recent tech meetup in Dublin was a success! Yapstone CTO Sanjay Saraf and Chief People Officer Deb Tenenbaum welcomed Dublin area tech workers to Slattery's Bar to discuss Ireland's pivotal role in the fintech revolution.

The meetup attracted attendees interested in hearing how Yapstone is expanding in Ireland and simplifying the complex world of payments. For many in the audience, it was their chance to meet two Silicon Valley veterans who are helping build the future of fintech in Ireland.

The event even drew members of the media.

Eva Short of Silicon Republic posted a story about Yapstone following our event. In the article, "How to Land a Job in Fintech," Eva wrote about how the fintech landscape has changed in recent years. She also touched on why Yapstone set up our office in Drogheda instead of Dublin.

"We’ve always had this war for talent," Deb told Eva in the post. "There's a rich community of talent in the Dublin area and outside too. People don't want to have to commute into Dublin. From a technology perspective, we've found very strong folks who have industry experience."


The Yapstone team organized a successful tech meetup in Dublin.

During the tech meetup, Sanjay spoke to the crowd about how technology is becoming a greater part of our everyday lives and giving us new opportunities that weren't available to previous generations. Some of what he said was an extension of his earlier LinkedIn post, "The Next Generation of Technology Looks Surprisingly Human."

For many in the audience, this was an opportunity to talk payments with the CTO of a major fintech company. Sanjay talked about how Yapstone empowers complex markets to simply transact, explaining the challenges we face in simplifying the complex world of online payments around the world.

For example, in his interview with Eva, Sanjay said: "The complexity in payments is in how we process a buyer's transaction, but also how you pay that seller. You have buyers in multiple countries, you have sellers in multiple countries. The buyers in, let's say, Germany, they don't use credit cards like customers in the U.S. do, they use Sofort. In some countries people want the money in their bank accounts, and in some countries people want the money in their digital wallets."

As both Sanjay and Deb told the Silicon Republic, we're growing our office in Drogheda and are looking for amazing individuals to join our team, especially in tech roles.

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