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Stay on the Leading Edge

Technology has become an unconscious part of our daily lives. It just “is”. We don’t think about breathing, but we do. And, using technology to live our daily lives is as natural as breathing. At Yapstone, we don’t take technology for granted. It’s top of mind. Yapstone is a company born of innovation. The technologies we use to build our global platform, monitor fraud and predictive analysis and provide stellar support to our customers are all cutting edge. Our entire stack is cloud-based (AWS), our architecture is all about micro services and we use the latest Javascript frameworks, like REACT on the frontend.

Yapstone is committed to innovation - providing simple solutions for complex marketplaces to transact payments faster and safer than any other company in the industry. To be industry pioneers it takes talented individuals who are committed and passionate to a cause that seems bigger than themselves. We have built one team of amazing individuals.

We have Hackathons to hone the talents and innovation of our yapsters to think outside the box on how to use our technology and projects. We have collaboration sessions where engineers come together to brainstorm technology projects. We are an agile development team.

Evolve with Us!

Technology is evolving. Yapstone is driving the evolution of the payments industry. Bring your talents to Yapstone and evolve your career as we change how the world pays. One team, amazing individuals!