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It's Not a Sprint, It's a Hackathon!

When we launched our first hackathon, the idea was to give our Yapsters the opportunity to think outside of their normal day-to-day job.

Is there a process you want to change? Go for it!

Want to explore a new technology? Do it!

Got a cool idea? Run with it!

More than a dozen teams signed up to participate in our hackathon. To encourage them to think through their ideas and build a working prototype, we gave them a few days to dream big.

They didn't disappoint!

They can back with projects that surprised and excited our judges and the rest of the tech teams here at Yapstone.

While we can't detail everything they proposed—some ideas are in development to become a reality!—we can say that our engineers loved the chance to go wild with their ideas.

We had a team document the craziness of our hackathon. They put together a short video capturing the excitement and energy of the event, as our Yapsters worked on building the next generation of payments.

At Yapstone, we like to say we're changing how the world pays. Well, with our hackathon we're doing that and more. You can say we're changing how our engineers collaborate, innovate and dream up all the ways we're changing how the world pays.

Are you ready for the opportunity to make a difference at work? Check out our job openings, and you might be here just in time for our next hackathon!

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