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Celebrating Inclusion and Diversity Through Diwali

Each year, our employee-organized Diwali event brings together Yapsters of all backgrounds.

To celebrate the Hindu festival of lights, many of our employees dress up in colorful attire. Some take the opportunity to try Indian cuisine. And we all make the time to enjoy each other’s company, taking a brief break from our mission to change how the world pays.

"This is exactly what inclusion and diversity is all about—being able to get into someone else's clothes and see actually the world through their eyes," Chief People Officer Deb Tenenbaum said. “And what a fantastic opportunity to be able to do it over a celebration like Diwali that is about light and brightness.”

During the event, Chief Technology Officer Sanjay Saraf took a moment to thank our Yapsters for the work they do each day to power payments.

"Bringing us together and creating this sense of belonging,” he said of how sharing one’s culture can create strong bonds between employees. “Many things to celebrate. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.”

Are you ready to celebrate inclusion and diversity with Yapstone?

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